Friday, September 27, 2013

a rather grand ring

You know those times when you are working on a project and for whatever reason it's taking you longer than expected?  And you wanna finish but you start to think maybe you never will?  That was me and this ring.  Partly it was due to vacation interruptus.  But I was also a little intimidated.  She was a big undertaking.  But now that she's done I'm so enamoured with her!  I adore the contrast of the robins egg blue Larimar against the striking black of the vintage glass cabochon.  And the mix of glass and stone, new and vintage, and the texture in the Chrysocolla with all of its veining and shades of blue and black....nature sure knows how to make some pretty things!

When it came to the back I didn't struggle one bit - I knew just what belonged on the back...
Hopes were built like shining spires
Reaching up and spearing skies

I just imagine the ring itself reaching towards the sky in all of its grandeur!
I appear to be stuck in a Bob Geldof loop.  I don't think that is particularly a bad thing...
 but I will try to venture out soon...

So, this little (BIG) lady will be making her debut in the etsy shop if you feel you need her  just stop by.
Thanks y'all.