Saturday, September 7, 2013

The week in review...

This week has been busy, a busy bee kinda week.
Here it is in list form, take a look:
  • work work work
  • show applications
  • car trouble, new brakes
  • Seven's acupuncture appointment
  • nyc pop up rental research
  • custom orders out the wazoo
  • a visit from a new friend/jewelry shopper
  • dinner delivery to the parents
  • last details of last weekend's redo-the-bedroom project
  • and just to keep me sane, a couple hundred (I wish!) episodes of the West Wing
And then here it is in pictures:
Work, work, lots of work!
agate and druzy ring.  the back says "starry eyed".

dendritic opal ring.  the back says "harness hope"

Seven started acupuncture last week.  
We loved her new doctor.  She was unbelievably good with Seven.  And I am convinced that she is part vet, part contortionist because she twisted herself into crazy positions trying to get the needle into Seven - all so that Seven could just sit comfortably, not having to move one iota!  This week we had our second appointment.  On the way my brakes started making weirdo noises and my airconditioner wouldn't come 99 degrees and if you are wearing a fur coat (Seven was, I wasn't) that is just no good.  So Tom met us at the vet so he could take the car to the car doctor.  When Tom walked through that door Seven flipped out!  I guess it was so out of context for her to see him there - she acted like the very best thing EVER had just happened!  She was on him like white on rice!  It was precious.
So I've got to get photos of her during this procedure, it is fascinating!  She is actually getting aqua-puncture.  So instead of a needle sitting on the acupuncture point, they inject a small amount of B12 that will sit on the point delivering pressure.  They do this for animals that are more restless so that they aren't running around with needles sticking out all over like a big ole porcupine!  So cool!

My car is getting new brakes and a transmission fluid flush today.  Joy.

Also on the agenda this week: getting my applications out for both Cherrywood Art Fair and Blue Genie Art Bazaar.  For some reason when I have sat down to do these over the last couple of weeks I've had a mental block on what to write about myself.  You are probably like, "yeh right!  You can blather on here for paragraph after paragraph!"  But I am having a block.  But it's time to suck it up and get them done, block or no block!  I'm kinda scared because I am submitting my applications with photos of some of my new work - what if they don't like it?  What if they want old Metalsgirl and not a combination of old Mg and new Mg?  Is my new work related to my old work at all?  Will photos like this get me uninvited?
sterling silver, resin, and copper enamel necklace.
the back says "I want to laugh, cry, jump for joy, shout, and scream"

Mid week I had a visit from a friend who I haven't known well, but is a friend through other friends.  She came over to meet a ring she thought might need to come live with her.  We had a truly lovely visit.  It was one of those unexpected moments, the kind that is even better because you didn't see it coming at all.  She lost her dad early this year and I guess we are having similar experiences with grief and loss and how you ever move past it or through it or just learn to live with it... 
Thank you Nicole.  Thank you for visiting, for crying with me.  Come back and we'll make a lemon meringue pie! 

I made Hatch green chile corn chowder and a ginger peach pie for my parents as a thank you for the washer and dryer they gave us.  I packed it up and snuck it into their house so it would be a nice surprise when they got home from work.  Not to toot my own horn, but arriving home from work and realizing you don;t have to make dinner is kinda cool.

We have been planning to redo our bedroom for a few months now.  Ever since Vincent decided he needed to have separation anxiety and tunneled through the door AND the wall.  We needed an indestructible wall so we decided brick might be just the ticket!  And I needed gray walls.  I am slowly trying to paint my entire house gray.  Next up: paint the exterior gray!  Everything. Must. Be. Gray.
 (shocking, Law and Order is on...)
Vincent and The Business Man like it and they are quite critical!

And last, my desperate, last minute push to find a rental space for a week long pop up in NYC.  When Tom and I decided to head back to NYC just two months after our last trip we agreed that it needed to be a work related trip.  While there we saw several retail spaces available that said "pop ups welcome".  In my naive brain I thought that meant it would be easy to make it happen.  I was wrong.  If I was there it might be easy.  I could deal directly with the owners of the spaces by calling the numbers on the listings...but instead I'm having to deal with realtors and I've come to learn this fact: they don't like pop ups.  So I'm beginning to let go of the idea.  very reluctantly.
My new quest is to schedule some appointments with some stores to see if someone might want to carry my work.  Anyone?  Bueller?  Seriously New Yorkers, I think you would like me.  I'm freakin' pitiful!

So that's my week.  How was yours?