Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valentine's Day, really?

In some circles Valentine's Day gets a bad rap. It's a holiday made up by the greeting card companies, yada yada yada. Well, I still like it. Lots of holidays have lost their original meaning - but for me, most holidays are a reason to spend more time with the people you love. Tom and I have a tradition - we stay home, rent a movie, and get Chinese take out...going on thirteen years.

I know it might be a little early to be talking about *heart* day, but when you make jewelry for a living you have to start thinking about it a little earlier than most folks. So yesterday I was fooling around with a bunch of components from my Build Your Own bracelet and necklace series...I decided to put together a couple of lovey dovey pieces. You can make your very own or buy this very necklace and bracelet!

So, the bottom line is, hopefully you don't need an excuse to say "I love you" to your sweetie, but if you do then take advantage of Valentine's Day!