Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just as prissy as she looks.

If you've been reading my blog for very long you might remember the post where I introduced Jessica Beatrice. We had just decided to keep her and I posted her story along with a dreadful picture of her. I felt the need to redeem myself for that terrible photo - so when Tom got this full on model shot of her I had to share!

I swear she looks like a little show dog - but of course she's a rescue. She came from our local kill shelter where she ended up after having been hit by a car. She weighs about five pounds soaking wet so I can't really fathom how she could have been hit by a car and survive, but she did. She was beyond pitiful and so socially inept that we couldn't really imagine anyone wanting her for her personality - and we were not going to let her become some little trophy/status/purse dog! So she stayed. Gosh, I kinda sounded like a snob there. Sorry. Anyway, Tom fell for her pitiful act and she had him wrapped around her paw in no time flat. Now she prisses around the house like Linda Evangalista flaunting her good looks. It's completely lost on the other dogs but that doesn't stop her. It's embarrassing how much she preens for Tom - but seriously, she's ridiculously cute and she knows it.