Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet the REAL Willie Nelson!

Let me start by saying that this unbelievably cute dog is available for adoption! I wanted to start with that because if you feel you need to leave my blog and rush over to to find out more about this cutie pie - well I completely understand. I know that I cannot compete with a cute dog and I'm okay with that. His name is Willie Nelson and if you adopt him he will sing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain to you....okay, not really, but with a face like that he doesn't really need to do tricks! Believe it or not this adorable dog has gotten very little adoption interest. Just blows my mind because he's adorable and he's even enrolled in an obedience class learning everything it takes to be a well behaved boy. If you or someone you know is in the market for a dog make sure you head straight for a rescue dog!! Willie Nelson is just one example of the dogs that fill our local shelters. Millions of dogs just like Willie are euthanized every year for no better reason that lack of space. Now if you're thinking, "But I want a pure bred Pug.", I have three things for you - one: Isn't it more important to save a life than to get a dog because you like the look of it? two: if you have to get a pure bred dog look for a pure breed rescue. Just google "pug rescue" or "standard poodle rescue" or whatever the breed is - I promise you you'll find a rescue group for that breed. and three: why get a dog that looks like thousands of other dogs when you can get a dog that looks like Willie Nelson! Well, he looks a little young for Willie Nelson...oh, you get my point!!!