Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the winner some other stuff

Robyn! You are the winner of my little blog contest! Yay! Thanks to everyone who voted! I am suprised a little - seems like a lot of people have never seen Miracle on 34th St. You should check it out. It's such a sweet, totally 50's movie. I love that era, the innocence of it. Anyway, it's great. Natalie Woods best movie by a mile. So Yay Roby, you are gonna be gettin' a pair of my new resin drop earrings just for giving me your two cents!

So I hope everyone one had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I for one did my due diligence and stuffed myself until near popping. Which, for future reference, I would would suggest avoiding if you have recently had abdominal surgery. Not a great idea. But the food was yummy and the company was even better.

And last but not least, the holidays are upon us, like it or not. So I am going to try to blog everyday - offering up some holiday suggestions - mostly gift related but possibly some recipes here and there or some invaluable bits of wisdom! :) Okay, maybe not so much on the wisdom, but the shopping/gift buying I know a thing or two about. So, although I will offer up some ideas from people/places other than my own work, this first suggestion is straight from This is one of my most popular. See it just doesn't matter - young or old, funky or conservative - everyone seems to like these bangles and these skinny stacking rings. Get 'em in sterling silver, brass or 14k gold. And for a personal touch, add a silver charm with initials or a birthdate - your friend-sister-aunt-mom will love it!