Sunday, November 16, 2008

1000 Markets

I was browsing through some blogs the other day and read about this new online market place... 1000 Markets. I scooted on over there to check it out. And I really liked what I saw. It's a bit different from the other online market places, namely etsy. Now before I go a step further let me say - I luv etsy! I am an etsy junkie! But I think there is room for more. So, with that said, 1000 Markets is a bit different. For one it's juried. So you have to apply to be able to have a shop there, which is kinda cool. And each shop has it's own blog - Love that idea! And it's own Facebook style "wall" to write on. I love these components because it just makes it all so much more personal. I would luuuuuv to be able to go to art shows and meet all these cool folks in person, but since we are scattered all over the world this is a great substitute. So check out 1000 Markets! It's new, let's see if we can help get this baby off the ground. Check out my shop (pictured above) Buy handmade this holiday season. In this strained economy it's even more important to support the little guy. And here at 1000 Markets you can buy handmade and find gifts for the kids in your life, men, neighbors, coworkers, grandparents, loved ones - all in one stop! Hip Hip Hooray!!!