Thursday, February 11, 2010

sweets for your sweet

I love to bake. Pies are really my thing, but ever since my first trip to Magnolia Bakery in NYC I have been trying to perfect the cupcake. I recently found this great website called Layer Cake that has THE cutest cupcake liners and toppers. They also have great boxes - hot pink boxes for a single cupcake and the little insert to put inside so your pretty cupcake doesn't tumble around.
I made these cute cupcakes last night so that Tom could take them to work. They were packaged individually in the hot pink boxes. I am sure he loved delivering little pink boxes all over his building! But they were soooo cute!
I hope that everyone is able to enjoy some sweets with your sweet this Valentine's Day!


Ana Popov said...

these amazing photos are making sooo hungry! Everything looks fantastic!

Victoria Webb said...

These are so cute- I'm going to send your blog to my sister who has an almost perverse thing for cupcakes.

...and you have the best photos of dogs that I think I've ever seen.

stephanie said...

how cute!!! those look so delicious

Kim Maguire said...

Hmmmmmm! Yum!