Wednesday, February 1, 2012

time suckage and stuff I want

Do you ever have an irrational want for some thing? And you want it really, really, really bad? I'm having that right now. It's for the above sugar canister. I know, you were probably thinking shoes or a car or something more, um, more normal to pine after. Nope, mine's a sugar canister. And that sucker would be mine right now, but for the fact that it's $89.99. Vintage McKee. Drat.

Which brings me to my new time-sucking-obsession. Pinterest. I am late to the game, I know. It's been around for ever and I am just now getting into it. Story of my life. Late to Facebook, late to the iphone, still have a hotmail account so I guess I'm reeeeal late to gmail. Anyway, I discovered Pinterest and it's a colossal disaster because I do not need one more thing to occupy the time I do not have. But it's beckoning, right this minute, "quit blogging. come waste away the evening pinning. you will love it." I am trying to figure out the reason I should be Pinterest-ing so that I can justify this new waster of my time. Anyone?