Friday, February 17, 2012

who loves you baby?

Tom asks me that question all the time. To which I answer (obviously), "Telly Savalas". And he says "yes, and me." This Valentine's Day our schtick was in text form. But it got me thinking, who loves me baby? who do I love baby? And since I love a list...

my baby brother. even tho he's 20 years old now, he will always be my baby brother.

my family. the family I was born to and the family I inherited, they mean everything to me.

my friends. I have THE best friends in the entire world. I will argue that point to the death.

my Nana. she has been gone from me for 26 years but I think about her and miss her and love her every single day.

my dogs. no need to elaborate.

the love of my life.

Damn. I am one lucky girl.