Thursday, July 29, 2010

work, work, work

This week has been all about work. So much work that I actually started to fall asleep sitting up just a few minutes ago. Glad I didn't have a torch in my hand. But it's been wonderful. So many orders and such nice notes from customers to go along with those orders. Sometimes I have to pinch myself - who gets to do what they love day in and day out? It's surreal some times.

So, Day three of sale extravaganza is in motion. This one is actually my favorite. It's not the biggest sale of the week, but it's far and away the most personal. Today is the one of a kind sale. 30% off of everything on that page. I love making jewelry, I love making all of it, but the one off items are just a tiny bit more fun. I give myself permission to go anywhere with it, any shape, any color, no color, resin, stones, mixes of chains and patinas and metals, no rules. Sometimes it results in something I love and adore and want to keep and sometimes it a big fat oops. But even the oops are okay because they give me insight into new do's and don'ts. So, here are a few of those pieces that resulted from a fun day of playin' on the playground, so to speak.