Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, don't get me wrong, I adore what I do for a living. I love, love, love it and I am the luckiest girl in the world for getting to work at home creating things all day. But for some reason my blog posts about jewelry are dull, da, dull, dull, DULL. While my posts about my dogs are more, I think, vivid, passionate I guess. Not sure what I think about that. Not sure why my passion for what I do doesn't come through like my adoration for my dogs does. But I mean seriously, look at that face!! He kills me. He is laying on the arm of the couch as if he were a 12 pound cat instead of a 60 pound pit bull. I guess Pasqual just has such a large personality, as do most of our dogs, you just can't help but gush.

But, this moose bangle has loads of personality as well. Seriously, I think it's freakin' adorable. And I can say that because I didn't make the vintage moose charm, I just put it together with the little vintage pearl and the white resin and herb charm. But it's a pretty cute combo if I do say so myself. Per-SON-al-a-tee! Imagine if you were wearing it - people would say "oh, do you collect Moose's?" Is it moose's or just moose for the plural? Oh, anyway, they might think "She must be from Canada." My point being that it would evoke a reaction possibly, add to your already charming-I'm-sure personality.

My whole point of this post is getting dreadfully lost. Day two of the week of sales is already in full gear even though it is only three hours into day two (yes, it's 3am!). The sale of the day is Buy 2 close out items and get the 3rd FREE! Yes siree, Free! So hop on over, or lope on over as I think a moose would do, and check out the plethora of close out items. I am afraid that Mr. Moose here might be gone already. But if you have your heart set on Mr. Moose just shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment and I can make one for you. But seriously, the sale has only been going for three hours and things are already fuh-lying out the door!