Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cute, but chunky...

I shouldn't say cute but chunky, I should say cute and chunky. Because one can be both. And that's our Horatio or Rayshee as he is affectionately and most often called.

The other day at pt (I've been going to physical therapy for about three months now, "Thank you Preacher" from lifting Preacher into the car)...so, the other day at pt my therapist said I should start walking 15min. a day three days a week. She tried to make it sound all fun "You can take one of the dogs" - imagine that in a high pitched "this will be so fun" sounding voice. Fact: I hate exercise. Fact: I hate the word hate and try hard not to say it. That's how much I hate exercise. I know, a 15min. walk is nothing, less than nothing. But it still sounds like finger nails on a chalk board to me. But I do want to get better so tonight Rayshee and I went for our first walk. It was hilarious. With every other dog we have they will pull, pull, pull, pull on the end of the leash until they are choking. We've trained them so well. But not Horatio. He walked right along side me for about half the walk and the rest - I was having to pull, pull, pull, pull him. We were a sight I am sure.
but he's cute!