Sunday, December 7, 2008

Your pooch on a pillow!

Every year we struggle with what to get my husbands grandmother. She is as sweet as she can be and it's not that she is hard to buy for - it's just that she doesn't need anything - you know? But she has this dog that she absolutely adores - Belle. Belle is the light of her life. So anything that involves Belle is usually a pretty good gift idea.

So I stumbled across Bonnie on etsy a few months ago and voila! Grandmother Christmas gift solved! All you do is e-mail Bonnie a photo of your dog (or cat) and she puts his or her likeness on a pillow. And let me tell you, the pillow is even more beautiful in person. The craftmanship is perfection. The resemblence is uncanny. I just could not have been happier when I got my pillow. The only problem? I want one of each of my 11 dogs now! Yikes!