Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oooh fun, I've been tagged!

This is super fun! I've been tagged by fellow metalsmith and jeweler, Danielle Embry, and need to write seven random facts about myself. Here goes...

1. My Dad wanted to name me Permella after some character in a book he was reading. But he and my mom got a dog right before I was born and named her that instead (thank goodness).

2. I have a crush on Richard Dawson circa early to mid 1970's.

3. I've had the same best friend since the first grade. We used to pretend we were the characters in the Trixie Beldon books and actually wrote notes back and forth in character. I was Trixie.

4. About five years ago I was at a New years Eve party and David Byrne was there and I kissed him at midnight!!!

5. I sometimes can't wait to go to sleep at night so that I can get up in the morning and get in my studio to start working...I love it that much!

6. My husband and I have full on conversations for our dogs. One even has a lisp. One is kinda gangsta. ;)

7. I have three framed Andy Gibb albums in my studio.

Is that random enough? :) And now, for my list of those I have tagged:

Kim Maguire
Kelly Holmes
Whimsey and Spice
Mary Smith
Beth Carls
Studio Mela

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