Monday, December 8, 2008

Every girl could use a big green bauble, right?

About a year or so ago I found these funky, cool, random, vintage charms on etsy. I think the first one I bought was a copper camel. Totally random, huh? I thought they were pretty fun and wanted to find a way to use them. My sterling silver bangle charm bracelets are pretty popular (if I do say so myself) and people also like the plain brass bangles. So why not brass charm bangle bracelets? These vintage charms are just perfect for that! And I've since found some vintage colorful beads to add too. So each one has a vintage charm - like a camel or cat or rooster, or "I love you. Please don't smoke.", or an owl, or a donkey, or a chickadee, or a lightening a vintage bead, and a resin and herb charm.
They look great alone or piled on by the ton! They make a great gift for just about anyone. Check 'em out on