Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I love this bag! First of all it's super cute. Second, it's just enviromentally responsible to carry a bag like this with you to carry your purchases instead of using the sotres plastic or even paper bags. I still have a few friends and relatives (MOM!) who have not quite caught on to the reusable bag thing. So I figure if I give them these bags for Christmas they just have no excuses anymore. So this is my go-to gift for everyone this Christmas. *I hope they don't all read my blog* And the other great thing is that this is one roomy bag. And if this design isn't quite right or if you want to, like me, give different ones to several people you can choose from several cute, Cute, CUTE designs. There are new ones that say "give love", "give hope", "give peace" and more at Love it!!!