Friday, January 29, 2010

Snuggle time!

Last night we got a blast of fabulously cold air and it's in the 40's today! I know that probably sounds warm to a lot of you, but given that we have had low 70's and upper 60's for awhile, this does feel cold. My spoiled puppies are curled up in my Anthropologie quilt with no signs of coming out! I think I might join them!


Sweet Harvey said...

That is simply the cutest photo - I be they are both just great snugglers!

germandolls said...

That's a great picture! They do look really sweet and cuddly! Hope it warms up soon. It's been quite cold were we live in Colorado. My husband keeps telling me that global warming is all made up. Can so many scientists be wrong?

Mare said...

Awww Your dog family is so sweet! My daughter showed your blog to me and i had to come over and say hi. We have 4 dogs in our family here, plus an elderly cat, a cantankerous parrot, and two guinea pig girls...All part of our family too! I have added you to my blog favorites!