Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Baby, it's cold outside. And I love it! Granted it's not cold here like it is up north, I'm in Texas after all. But it's cold for us. I think they are saying it's officially our coldest winter on record. Tomorrow we are getting an "Arctic Blast" that will take our highs into the low 30's and our lows into the low 20's and high teens. I am beside myself with excitement.

So, cuddle up, put on a pot of soup and enjoy!


Janice said...

oh yea, its been super cold here. brrrr.

Your little doggy is cute - reminds me of my little girl - I posted a pic of her yesterday here:
maybe they are twins!


Sarah said...

Hello to a fellow Texan! Just read your comment on my blog so I thought I'd pop over to yours -- your puppy pix reminds me of my cats cuddled together!

(and you probably ate the playdough because 1)it smells good and 2)because you were a kid and kids try anything!

The Little Fox said...

That little dog of your is as cute as a button!

And we are also going through a particularly cold winter (especially for Brighton,UK). It's the 3rd time we've had snow this year and it's getting colder and colder...(good thing I love cold weather...:)

Narelle said...

Oh I wish I could be there snuggling with your puppy.
We're about to head into 108 degrees!

Julie said...

I'm in Houston, and I think it IS cold here like it is up north! Brr! (And it does feel good!) :)

Another customer at the car rental counter at IAH looked at me and my coat laid on my suitcase, and said "I hope you have a warmer coat than that. It's going to be real cold here." I said, "Um, well this one came from New York, so I think it will be plenty warm for Houston." She said "Oh." Haha!