Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Seven. oh, and happy halloween.

Yes, that is Preacher as Elvis. And he was not happy about it. I have to add this quick disclaimer and then we can get on with things. I am not really one to dress up my dogs. I have been known to put pink boots on Veruca Jane and The Business Man really does love clothes. He does!! I swear!! But Preacher is waaaaaay to dignified to have anything to do with this nonsense. But I couldn't help it. So, here is how this came to be: Our rescue group, Blue Dog Rescue, take donations all the time. We are a non profit and we need all the donated stuff we can get - food, dog beds, towels, collars, leashes, halloween costumes...whoa, wait a minute. You say someone donated an Elvis costume for a large breed dog? huh? Anyway, I threw my hand in the air and said "I'll take it!". Other than the above info I don't think the picture needs much narration. The look on his face pretty much says it all. "What in Gods name do you think you are doing? Get this off of me now." And we did. Right after we got the camera.

So, in addition to being Halloween it is also our sweet Seven's birthday. (look at her up there by Preacher - I think she was laughing.) She turned 12 today. She was the first dog that Tom and I adopted. Funny story about that. We adopted her from the local Humane Society when she was nine weeks old. We went down to the HS and met several dogs. She was there along with two litter mates. Two were already spoken for so we played with the cute little red one that was left. She had to be spayed and we had to have our app. approved so she didn't get to come home with us right away. But we went to visit her a couple of times before we were actually able to bring her home. So the day she is able to be picked up Tom goes to get her. He calls me at work.

Tom: "I think they gave me the wrong dog."
me: "huh?"
Tom: "I think they gave me the wrong dog."
me: "huh?"
Tom: "The dog they gave me, it's not the one we picked."
me: "Well, did you say anything? are you still there?"
Tom: "No, I'm on my way home. The other two dogs had been picked up. What was I supposed to say 'this is the wrong dog'?"
me: "YES!!!"

Long story short, the HS and transposed the numbers for the puppies. So we did in fact end up with the one we hadn't interacted with at all. But she was just one more thing in a long list of meant-to-be's. She is the love and the boss of our lives. Happy Birthday Seven!


AMBEr.B said...

That is soo cute!!

SassyBelle said...

Too sweet & cute:)

Janice said...

This is hysterical!! I meant to comment the other day but was multitasking. This is truly one of the best photos I've seen in a while. made me laugh out loud. :)