Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I see...

Last weekend Tom was shooting some jewelry photos for me and, I guess, got bored with the jewelry and just started shooting random things around my studio. When I looked at them later it made me wonder - what do the things we surround ourselves with say about us?

I have lots of stuff in my studio that is not useful. It is simply there to make me smile or because maybe I have some sort of emotional attachment to it because of who gave it to me, or some odd association to someone or something. But seeing all of these photos together made me think: what if some stranger walked into my studio? Who would they think I am? It's like those emails you get that say "Pick your favorite 80's movie out of these 10 or choose your favorite desert out of these and the scroll down and see what personality matches - Angel Food Cake."

So, I picked Tom Selleck, Angela Lansbury, my friend's movie Left Field, dogs, Augustus McCray, Paulo Nutini, family photos, old albums, Raymond Burr, and Smurfs. What does that say about me? Go.