Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big Man

It's been a couple of months since I have posted a Preacher update and given the milestone we recently passed, I thought it would be a good time. June 16th marked two years since Preacher's first visit to the oncologist and his first round of chemo. Wow. It's hard to believe. It's hard to remember where I was mentally two years ago. I never would have thought that things would feel "normal", where he was concerned, ever again. But time passes and you get used to your new circumstances. I think even going through the chemo began to feel normal in the later months. And then when chemo was finished there were some pins and needles for awhile and then, slowly, you settle in and things just get, well, normal. Of course we've had our ups and downs. He's an almost 13 year old Great Dane after all, his body isn't what it used to be. His degenerative back issues have become our new battle. But after a round of injections to help regenerate some of that tired, old muscle, he's doing pretty well.

Every so often he has a bad day and it sends me into a tailspin of worry. I can be so reactionary. I've always thought that I will try to think about it like this: as long as my dog is having more good days than bad we're good. And Preacher has FAR more good days than bad. But when a bad day happens it terrifies me that the next will be bad, and the next. But then he pops off the couch the next morning barking at me like "Where's my breakfast?!", I breathe a gigantic sigh of relief and we move on. So that's life right now. It's good.