Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Gravy Marie!

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I've been over here. I didn't fall off the face of the earth but things have been a little nutty. I could list everything that's been going on but it would make me feel a little sea sick, so let's skip that. Every time I sat down here to write I would get overwhelmed by how behind I was and I'd abandon the whole thing. Tonight it occurred to me - I don't HAVE to recap everything. It is quite possible that people just might not care! And that thought came as a huge relief to me!

Two things I do want to share: The foster dog we rescued and have already adopted out and the foster that we rescued and still have.

Meet Kit Pistol.

So, after nearly 12 years of Blue Dog my best friend Kim has decided that she has, in her words "found her calling in life."! So we were going down to the shelter to find a foster for HER! And even though I thought I had made it out of there with out a dog, this little one was haunting me. She had an adopter, but something about her was bugging me so I called the shelter just to check on her and sure enough - the adopter had fallen through and she was scheduled to be euthanized that evening. "Can you get here by five?"

The crazy thing is, within ten minutes of having her posted on the Blue Dog website I had an email. And within a couple of days I had a great application. So this little doll already has a happy ending - living with her new family in South Austin!

Next. Meet Sgt. Pepper aka Baby.

Another trip to the shelter with a friend. This time my friend Pat asked me to join her for Bloody Mary's and then a visit to the local shelter! Win Win. But before I left the house Tom said "Don't bring home a dog, we don't need another foster." I agreed and had every intention of keeping my promise. Pat found a incredible dog whose story I will have to share here later...but-in-the-mean-time-you-can-meet-her-here...because it's so tragic and yet you'd never know because dogs are so resilient. Anyway, I was about to leave when I see one of the staff unload this little "thing" from out of a towel into what all of the sudden seemed like the most gigantic kennel ever. I looked down to see this teeny tiny little bit of nothing sitting there...he was so far beyond pitiful...the thing is, he had such a raging case of mange that his hair was barely sprigs. He had the skin of a 100 year old elephant, all wrinkly and scaly, and it was about the same color as the concrete walls of the kennel. And then, as if he wasn't killing me already, he let out this little howl where his snout pointed up and his little lips made the tiniest O. That was it. I called Tom in tears and he said "Do what you need to do." My perfect husband who knows me so well. He knew that I would never be able to sleep if I left this baby at the shelter, he could hear it in my voice.

So the baby came home with me. All four pounds of him. He's on the mend and looking for a home. He still barely has any hair but we're workin' on it. Day by day.