Friday, October 1, 2010

It's the little things...

Who needs diamond rings when you can have a trash can? Believe me or not, I can say with all seriousness that I would take this trash can over a lot of the fancier things in life most any day.
Don't believe me? Well, here's why: I've been a little stressed the past few weeks...having strep and the flu while trying to get ready for Dogtoberfest and The Austin Flea, leaving town just three days after these big events, and all the while dealing with physical's just been a lot. But a couple of times a year there is this flea market that I LOVE to go to. It's about an hour and a half away and it is Fan-freakin-tastic! Most times it's my mom, my best friend, and her mom that all go together. This time the only, only day we could all four go was today - just two days before these big events I've been planning. It was crazy for me to go, I had waaaay too much to do. This morning I called and canceled on them. But my mom pushed and pushed and I caved. So, so happy I did because I now have an ANDY GIBB TRASH CAN!!!!

When I was six years old and standing in the back yard of my baby sitters house (I think this was the baby sitter who fed us dog biscuits, but I digress) my best friend spilled the beans that she was giving me the new Andy Gibb album for my birthday. I was beside myself with excitement. I wore my Andy Gibb t-shirt to my party and true to her word, Kim and Natalie (her sister) gave me the Andy Gibb album. Today, 30-some-odd years later Kim took this picture of me holding this Andy Gibb trash can! how cool is that?!?!? I mean, it's Andy-freakin-Gibb! oh, and it was cool that it was Kim and I that found it and all that too! Seriously though, a day spent with friends who are more family than anything else, is sometimes the absolute best thing that you can do for yourself, trash can or no trash can.