Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Jack likes bangles

Last weekend one of my favorite cousins and his wife were in town and I got to meet their baby for the first time. He is beyond adorable. So, when they first arrived he was not super excited to meet me. He liked everyone else but when I looked at him he would just let out this big cry. It kind of broke my heart. Tom said it was because he was afraid a bird was gonna fly out of the giant, crazy bun on the top of my head. ha ha, my husband is hilarious. But I didn't give up and eventually I won him over.
What also won him over were all of my moms Metalsgirl bangle bracelets. He played ie. mouthed them for quite a little bit. I am pretty excited that I can now say "kid test and approved"! Seriously though, I often have people wanting to get jewelry for a new mom but worry that a necklace might be yanked off or earrings tugged on - but now I know that these bangle bracelets are just the thing and actually double as teething rings!
Thank you Jack!