Sunday, October 17, 2010

happiness is Charles Nelson Reilly

I might just be revealing too much about myself, but oh well. I might be revealing that I am a big, giant nerd, but oh well. I might be revealing that I have very strange taste, but oh well.

So here's the deal: do you get the Game Show Network? If you do then do yourself a favor and set your DVR, VCR, Tivo, or whatever to record Match Game. Yes, it's the same one from the 70's - NOT a remake. For you young 'uns who never saw Match Game - well, I think you will like it, I think, maybe, well, you should! Tom and I watch it every night when we get in bed and cheesily play along! It's that time period where everything was innuendo. It is innocent and salacious all at the same time. The clothes alone make it worth the watch.

I actually took this photo of my tv the other day - Charles Nelson Reilly and Betty White had drawn on mustaches with permanent marker - silly, but funny. And it reminds me and validates why Betty White is so awesome - she deserves this whole resurgence of popularity. And Charles Nelson Reilly might just be my favorite thing of all time! He was out of the closet before out-of-the-closet was a phrase and I adore that about him!! Especially when he does his "Chuck" straight guy schtick. I'm telling you, it's funny stuff, especially if you are bored with the crude humor of today. Check it out...