Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Preacher Man

Since completing chemo Preacher's oncologist advised that we get a monthly check up from our regular vet. So we went in on Monday and in Dr. Daigle's words "Everything looked disgustingly normal" including his blood work which was actually better than the last time we did blood work. Every time we go in I think I hold my breath until I hear the good news. Of course we are thrilled.

Tom took a whole slew of new photos of the big man the other day, I'll have to share more of them with you soon. But these two were a couple of my favorites. I kept putting dandelions (yes, my yard is full of dandelions) on his head or tucked in his collar. He and Tom were both getting annoyed with me...he might look like he is smiling in that first photo but he was really giving me the stink eye!