Wednesday, March 17, 2010

life is hectic

I feel like my life has been insanely hectic lately. I have been trying to remind myself what hectic is really like. Several years ago Tom and I took in a litter of five puppies. They were two weeks old and their mom had died, hit by a car we figure because she was found on the side of the road with the puppies still trying to nurse. At two weeks old their eyes hadn't opened and they looked like tiny little bear cubs. When the shelter called they said they had a litter of golden retriever puppies...but when I picked them up they looked suspiciously like chows. Nothing against chows (I have two mixes) but they are definitely harder to adopt out than a golden would be. Long story, but if you have never bottle fed puppies it is THE definition of hectic plus no sleep. They have to be fed every two hours - and when there are five by the time you finish it's practically time to start again. So, all night, all day, feeding, cleaning,'s so hectic.

We ended up keeping the puppy on the left...Vincent.
Here he is all grown up...from just under two pounds to sixty pounds. Taking care of five tiny little lives is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. So today, when I was thinking how busy life has been I looked over at Vincent and thought it could be much, much more hectic.