Thursday, March 18, 2010

just because

I was looking through photos today and came across this picture. I love this picture for several reasons. First, Seven looks so regal and perfect. She posed beautifully as if she new that she was the subject matter for the shirt Tom is wearing. Second, Tom looks so handsome. And third, it's the classic boy and his dog photo. Seven is 100% Tom's dog. She adores him, she listens to him (not me. ever.), and while I'd like to believe she loves me equally, she doesn't.

I had this shirt made for Tom a few years ago. Kathy Sever is the artist and I have admired, coveted, and respected her work for years. I met her at a show we did together a few years back and now I feel lucky to call her a friend. Tom told her what he wanted but she went waaaaaay above and beyond. All of her work is stunning, but her custom western shirts are true artwork. We call Seven The Princess (she was out first dog so she rules the roost) hence the crowns on the cuffs. There are seven stars around each number seven, seven stars on the back, seven dots of thread on each side - I am telling you Kathy is a Rock Star!