Friday, March 26, 2010

high time for a Preacher update!

Not one of our better pictures, I know. But he hasn't been in the mood for posing I guess. But the good news is we are coasting along very well. He may have slowed down a tiny bit...but I am hyper aware of his every move. He eats like a horse, is a big goof ball, demands his people time. So it's all good. And considering he is 11 1/2 and 9 months post diagnosis, well, what more could we ask for?

Just last week a close friend of mine lost her beloved dog Virgil to cancer. He was diagnosed shortly after Preacher, different kind of cancer, a more aggressive, less treatable form of cancer, but they had a wonderful 8 months together. But the end came so suddenly, everything was fine one day and then within three days they were having to say goodbye. It scares me. I spent the evening with Lisa last night and she is so strong and has such an amazing attitude. She is concentrating on how lucky they are to have had those 8 months. The other day my vet said to me "If they lived to be 50 it wouldn't be long enough." That is so true.
Rest in peace sweet Virgil.