Tuesday, August 18, 2009

round 8

Today was Preachers eighth round of chemo. We have officially been through all of the different chemo meds. Now he'll just cycle back through them over the next four months. I am hoping that now we will kind of have a grasp on how he reacts to each one and will be prepared. However, today proved that theory wrong. Today's drug was vincristine. It's one he's had several times before and has handled better than any others. So I guess I had a false sense of security this go around. When I brought him home he promptly had diarrhea all over the living room floor. Thank God for tile. Poor guy. I can tell he feels a little poopy (pun unintended). But he ate dinner very well so that's good. He had put on another three pounds over the last week which is great. The oncologist tech said "everything looks great. He's doing great." So, that's our update.

Chemo day is always a little blah, but the six days in between are usually just fantastic! In fact, the other morning Preacher was playing with The Business Man! If I could just get a photo of them in their play standoff - both in the downward dog position - it's just that one is 120 pounds and the other is 5 pounds. It's like they see who will break the pose first and then it's bounce, bounce, chase, chase. But the minute the camera comes out it's "who me?"

Thanks again for all of your comments, well wishes, and happy thoughts. I know it is helping. Going into this we were terrified. But like anything, you adjust to the changes and make the best of things. And honestly, things are pretty wonderful.