Sunday, August 9, 2009


Several months ago I was contacted by someone putting together a book about Austin women business owners. The idea is part shopping guide /part women's empowerment hoo la la. I love the idea on several levels. Most important is the message - shop from the little guy not the big box store. Whether it's a man or a woman that owns the business I think we should all try to shop from the small business owners first. I for one am pretty anti Wal Mart. I simply will not go into a Wal Mart. The fact that Sam Walton's goal was to put all small, local business owners out of business is just disturbing. But I digress.

So, I am lucky enough to be one of the women featured in the Austin edition of Crave! It's pretty cool - each woman was photographed by local, female photographers (mine was the FABULOUS Casey Woods Maddeaux), we each answered questions about inspirations, favorite local hang outs, that kind of stuff. I for one am super excited to check out every one's thoughts and photos. I know I will be drawn to these crazy cool and local businesses.

If you aren't local I still think it would be a cool, inspiring book to have - and a great buy before a trip to Austin!! And there are other cities with Crave books - Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver are both out now...and one the way: San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, and AUSTIN! Look to buy the Austin version at very soon!