Tuesday, August 11, 2009

round 7

Today was round seven. Tom was taking him in on his way to work and then the plan was that I would pick him up when they called to day "all done". But Tom called shortly after leaving to say that he was getting oral chemo meds at home this time 'round. huh? Every other time it's been an injection or iv administered chemo. ** a bunch of mumbo jumbo to follow so if you don't want all that skip to the next paragraph ** So, long story short, this was to be the last time we would have to go through a "new med". Because he had such a bad reaction to the cytoxan in round three he would get a new, similar drug next time he was due for cytoxan. So, here we are. Apparently this drug, leukeran, is in pill form.

Sooooo, Tom says "they are gonna give you some pills and some gloves." Okee-do-kee. And sure enough, I go pick him up (he came prancing out like a big fat cutie-pie!) and the tech gives me a baggie with a pill bottle and a pair of gloves. So here's the deal - he has to take 25, yes - twenty five, of these little orange pills all at once that I cannot touch with my bare hands. But they are okay for him to SWALLOW?!?!? Man, cancer sucks. Oh and by the way, "if he pees or poops in the house in the next three days use the gloves to clean it up." What?

So, I thought it was going to be painful. My other-mother suggested a peanut butter and pill sandwich. But I just dumped the whole bottle of 25 in with his grain-free food and freshly grilled (we all know how he feels about that!) hamburger meat and he gobbled it right up. Pretty darn painless considering how intimidated I was when I stuck the baggie of pills and gloves in my purse at 9am.

And as the day progressed he has been happy and hungry. Everything we want in a Big Man!