Monday, July 20, 2009

Round five tomorrow

This is a verrrrry old picture, but I was realizing that I don't have many body shots of Preacher. I was trying to take some this weekend and he just wants to head for the camera - hence so many close ups. Anyway, this was taken several years ago after the Might Texas Dog Walk. We took Preacher and Pasqual. Pasqual decided to run the walk so Tom took off with him and we didn't see them again until the end. But Preacher and I had a lovely walk, well, once he got rid his nerves and diarrhea on the start line. Lovely.

So, tomorrow is round five of chemo. I'm a little nervous because it's a new drug. He will see a cardiologist in the morning because this drug can cause issues with his heart. Makes me anxious but I am trying to trust his oncologist and know that we are taking every precaution by meeting with the cardiologist first. So, more well wishes, prayers, good thoughts, etc. please. And I will keep you posted.