Monday, July 6, 2009

Knock on wood... is a good day. He's eating. See. He's taking it right out of my hand. So, here's what I wonder. Has he totally got our number? Is that why he will pretty much only eat grilled hamburger meat? Oh, and freshly grilled hamburger meat. Don't dare refrigerate it and re-heat it. No. That will not work. Freshly grilled, not boiled which is better for him because the fat is left behind in the water. But truthfully, boiled hamburger has to be one of the grossest things ever so I can't say I blame him for not wanting it. And sure, I would love for him to be getting some healthier things in his diet, but right now we just want him to to eat. So it's a good day.

No chemo this week. Another reason today is a good day! Assuming all goes well we don't even have to go to the vet at all this week. Oh, knock on wood again. Knock Knock. And if it continues to be a good week we start chemo again next week. Today, I can breathe. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week.