Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dog and Jewelry updates:

The chemo fund/close out page has been updated with all kinds of new goodies! My favorite being these new Mono-Stone necklaces. This one is rock crystal. It's a new design so you might be wondering "Why the close out page?". Well, sometimes I'm not sure, will they like it, will they not and I just don't know if I want to make it part of my line. Sometimes I just make things and then never make them many reasons. So, take advantage, they may never come again...or, if you love 'em, let me know!

And speaking of the chemo fund, we go in for round 4 of chemo tomorrow. Luckily this is a drug Preacher has had before and did well on. So we are optimistically apprehensive. This last week has been great. He rebounded from his hellacious week like a champ! He's eating well, getting around great, being a goof-ball, everything we were hoping for. So, good thoughts for tomorrow. And I'll keep you posted!