Thursday, April 3, 2008

You gotta watch Oprah!!

Okay, tomorrow on Oprah - don't quit reading now just because I started out with "Tomorrow on Oprah"!! Seriously, tomorrow Friday April 4th on Oprah she is doing an expose on puppy mills. Please, if you love me at all, or even just like me, or even if you don't know me - whatever, tell everyone you know to watch this! Let me quickly say, I don't do this, I never do this, try to push my beliefs on other people (well, I do like a healthy debate) - but this is so important. I have dedicated a HUGE part of my life to saving dogs for nearly 10 years now. It is sad and can be depressing and can feel very hopeless at times. That is why I am so excited about this show. Little ole me would never get a gazillion people to listen to me like Oprah does - hell, I don't know if a single sould will read this blog, but people do watch Oprah and like her or not you won't be able to argue with what you will see on her show tomorrow. Educate yourself, share it with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. When we know better we do better. Let's make sure we know better.
By the way, this is a photo of THE most beeeeeUteeful girl in the world. My Seven dog! My husband and I rescued her from the Austin Humane Society 10 years ago when she was just nine weeks old. She is beyond precious to us. She's a mix of maybe some heeler, maybe some dingo, could be some other stuff thrown in. She doesn't have "papers". She's not pedigree. She's not going to ever be in some fancy dog show. But she has given us more than any first place ribbons ever would. She kisses me when I am sad, she makes me laugh, she's a watch dog like crazy, she adores my husband, she's the total boss of the hot sauce - and I sure didn't need papers for any of that.