Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How do you recycle?

It's Earth Day, How do you recycle? Here's one way that I recycle - I save any and all bottle caps and I get all my friends and family to save 'em too! Then I turn them into these fun and funky dog tags, key rings, whatever you want to use them for. And it's fun! I put saint medals in them (St. Francis for my doggies), initials, pictures of people I love (Tom Selleck!!!), or symbols like hearts and paw prints. Here's what I'm thinking - If you would like to order one go to my web site and order away - then in the buyer notes tell me you saw this on my blog and I will give HALF of the money to Blue Dog Rescue! You get something fun and recycled AND get to help your favorite rescue group - well, my favorite rescue group anyway! :) Happy Earth Day - do something you love!