Thursday, April 3, 2008

Help from my sweet Mama!

Every now and then, and especially around the holidays, when I get really swamped my sweet mother will come over and help me work. She like to hammer stuff! So she usually ends up helping me with these bangles. So today she came over to help and hammered out a big ol stack of bangles for me...sometimes I get real big orders and I think 'who do they think I am? China?!?' When in fact it just me...and my sweet mama, my hubby, my friend Marlys, my little brother (when I pay him), and occasionally my dad if I bribe him with beer and pizza!

So, this awesome photo of the bangles we were making today is by local photographer Casey Woods. Super cool, huh? I love it! My friend and 'little sister' haley modeled for me...this is actually her BACK, not her front! I used this photo for a post card and I have gotten some weird looks...maybe most people can't put their hands behind their back this way...lemme try...nope, I can't really do it. But I still love the photo no matter how many funny looks the backwards boobies get! Ha!