Thursday, September 24, 2009

round 11

Well I guess it's a good thing if things are going well enough that I forget to write anything on chemo day. But I guess that's why I forgot. So chemo was Tuesday. Tom took him in because he was home from work because we both have the swine flu. Yes, the swine flu. And yes, I did just have the "regular" flu just a few weeks ago. So poor Tom, fever and all, took happy-go-lucky Preacher in for chemo. It was actually time for the 25 pills that we give at home but he gets blood work and an exam anyway. And all is well. With Preacher. Tom and I however are just a couple of coughing zombies. It's really pretty insane. I was lucky enough to get some tamaflu...quite possibly the last box in the area Walgreens, I kid you not! And boy am I glad that I got it. I am getting better much faster than Tom. Poor guy.

Anywhoo, Preacher is great. We are on the mend. Life is good.


robyncz said...

Good lord. You HAVE to be kidding. Two Influenzas in one month? POOR Laura.

And poor Tom.

I'm glad Preacher's chemo round went well this week.


Jack the Schnauzer's Canine Cancer Journey said...

Woo hoo for Preacher - I am really pleased for him. My Jack goes back for his 5 month post chemo check up next Tuesday so please think of us. He is doing really well.

You poor things having Swine Flu - I guess you are just going into your cold season up there now. Hopefully it is all clear from Australia.

Hope you get better and things keep looking up for Preacher.

Love Honor Disobey said...

hugs x