Tuesday, September 8, 2009

round 10 and other goings on.

Today was round 10 of chemo. He did great, didn't miss a beat, loves everyone at the clinic, made new friends at the pet food shop, ate dinner like a champ. Life is good. Let me just say that the oddly fantastic way that I am saying "life is good" right after saying "round 10 of chemo" is not lost on me. I am very aware of how lucky we are and as redundant as this sounds (but it's not redundant), I feel very lucky that I realize how lucky we are. Weird? I don't know. What I do know is that yesterday Tom and Preacher played chase through the house. That is happiness.

So, I've had the flu. The flu sucks if you didn't know. And apparently this strain of the flu lasts for all eternity. Every day I keep thinking it's gonna be the last day of the ickies and then the ickies are still there. Today I had a teeny bit more energy but my throat was viciously sore and every time I swallowed I felt like a pencil eraser was jabbing me in the ear drum. Tom said "that sounds like strep" and I said "do you just not love me at all anymore?"
I don't have time to be sick. I have people patiently waiting on orders (thank you Robyn you are wonderful) and my chart of ACL progress is lookin' a little weak. But what I do have a lot of is time. Time to sit and think of ideas for jewelry and ideas for ACL displays, and ideas for my website. I know Tom is Tha-Rilled about that last one because every time I get one of said ideas I e-mail him my little command to make it so.
My latest jewelry idea is this kind of make-what-you-love jewelry. I'm not sure yet how it will translate to online orders but I think it will be very fun at shows. So the idea is that you have all these little piles 'o things that you can put on either a chain or a bangle...resin charms, word or name discs or rectangles of silver, all different sized and colors of stones, all of it jingle jangling together. So I put together a sample of one, pictured above, I am calling them the Bundles of Color. Whatcho think?
Oh, and anyone got any home remedies for the flu? And Uncle Rick, you can just keep that whiskey one to yourself. All it did for me was get me drunk!