Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Six down.

Round six of chemo is under our belt. He went in yesterday and it seems to have gone off without a hitch. He is eating great, has some spunk, and is our normal Preacher Man. yay!!

I was telling a friend of mine the other day, a friend whose dog was just given a cancer diagnosis, that you find a new kind of normal when you have to deal with things like this. It's an odd thing, I think it's some version of self preservation or our bodies unknown defense mechanism kicking in. What I mean is that I have found that when you deal with any kind tragedy or intense difficulty in life, especially an illness, you are initially in shock, in a panic, freaking out, all of the above. But then once you come to terms with it, make a plan, I think you find a new normal. A few months ago, before our cancer diagnosis, life was good. We were cruising along with out thinking about things too much. But now I feel like I am enjoying my life even more, and as odd as it sounds, I am even happier than I was before. Weird? Maybe. But I appreciate everything more now. It's an odd thing - life and all that.


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Glad to read Preacher is doing well. It is a bit ironic how this sort of thing ends up helping us to appreciate what we have in the here and now. Great post today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective of your journey through this crisis in your family.

Tom Gibson said...

Isn't it strange? It seems like the further and further we get from the diagnosis and week one of chemo, the more foreign those 4 or 5 days of torture were. Not to say I am complacent or even content, or that it's not torture every time he gets another treatment. I look at him every day and I smile, and wonder, and wish, and all of that. I look at all the others running around here and hope, hope, hope they don't have to deal with this, too. But this is life now. This is normal. So happy when he eats a full meal, such a little, simple thing gives me the biggest, stupidest grin.

And then I see that girl over there who decided her spleen was just plain silly and dumped that what is now years ago. And now she's "normal." What a strange and profound ability we have as human animals. It's really odd to think of all the things we go through and that somehow it all gets jotted down on a little note card and tucked away inside our heads. And somehow our file system sorts it and makes it into "experience" instead of just things and random events. I'm a bit blown away by it all. Thinking of it makes me wonder how it is we don't need 20 hours of sleep each day to process. Now I'm tired.