Tuesday, August 25, 2009

round 9 and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Preacher! My big guy turned 11 years old this month! This would be amazing no matter what...a Great Dane's life span is usually like seven or eight years so 11 is pretty incredible. But given the lymphoma, well, we are so far beyond thrilled I don't know what you call it! I am wondering how to go about baking a cake that is high in protein, low in carbs...sounds tasty, doesn't it?!?

Today was the ninth round of chemo. He spent the whole day there and came home completely pooped. Today's chemo drug was doxorubicin - it's kind of the big daddy of the chemo drugs from what I understand. He's had this one once before and handled it fairly well so fingers crossed we'll get through this go-round without incident.

We also hit the two month mark today! I am beyond thrilled because this means we go to every other week for treatments instead of once a week. Yippee!!! It will be so nice to just get to be at home with him for two solid weeks without shuffling off to the vet and it will give us more time to bulk him up with good food between treatments! :)

We still have four months to go, but somehow it doesn't seem that bad. I look back at where I was at when we got the diagnosis and where I am now...I never would have believed I could be this okay. The body and mind are pretty amazing. And of course the fact that Preacher feels so good is probably what keeps Tom and I so okay. This new normal seems to be workin' for us.


Ann Robson said...

Happy Birthday, you big gorgeous dog!! I enjoyed the pictures of his sweet, sweet face. Once you have one, you love them all. Stay strong, big man!

Love Honor Disobey said...

He looks so good for a dog of 11 years who is also having chemo! Look at his gorgeous eyes. Why don't dogs lose their hair from chemo like people do? Just wondering. Hugs x

Metalsgirl said...

Thanks so much!! I know he is my dog so i know I am partial, but I think he is THE most handsome boy ever! And he does look amazing for 11 years! He's kinda lumpy and bumpy but you can't see that in the pictures. :) I think being white helps - he doesn't turn gray! :)

Dogs can lose hair, more common is whiskers, during certain chemo drugs. But the main reason it is easier on them than on people is because they get a smaller dose than people. Dogs just can't tolerate the larger dose, plus they don't understand why they feel so bad...so the chemo is worse than the disease in a sense. Does that make sense? Sorry for the long winded explaination!

Katcando Jewelry said...

Hello, I followed you here from ETSY...

From one dane owner to another.... aren't they the best! What a beautiful boy! We lost our fawn Brutus at 10 last year due to heart problems. They love a lot during their short time here with us.

We are now happily owned by a Black (Zoe) and Blue girl. Lots of picts of them on my facebook page if you'd like to "friend" me and see them. search for Kathy Boyer Maurer.

All my best to Preacher
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