Wednesday, July 9, 2014

these days...

I miss this little blog of mine.
I'm quite attached to it I realize and I miss it when dumb ole life gets in the way of my visits here.
I write here to share my work.  i write here to share the antics and adorableness of my animals.  I write here for the same reason I take a hot bath or eat a whole bar of chocolate - it just makes me feel better.

I keep telling myself to take the time, to give myself the time to come here and write, but often it is first on the chopping block when the list of to do's is getting whittled down from everything i want to do to everything that is mildly necessary to everything that is absolutely necessary to someone will die if I don't do this.  Most days the accomplishments are in the latter two categories.

This summer has been a blur.  I can barely believe its summer already and it's in fact, half way over.  School wrapped up for the teenage but before it was even done she had started summer school.  Two different classes at two different campuses.  Seven started physical therapy (twice a week) and got herself a set of wheels.  So far the the therapy has been a Godsend.  The wheels however, she just not that into them.  Tom is convinced that she is truly stubborn enough to make herself walk better just to avoid the wheels.  Could be.  I always say "she is the most stubborn person I know".

Sadly our sweet grey boy went into kidney failure this week.  He is 16years old and I know that this is what happens with older kitties, we went through this very thing with our 19year old girl's just that it is never easy, in fact it's downright miserable...we've lost five of our babies in the last couple of years. I just don't feel prepared to lose Berklie.  Hoping that he can talk those old kidneys into giving him some more juice for a bit... prayers, big loads of prayers please...
 Otherwise it's work work work.  Work is what keeps me sane, it is what keeps my mind from skittering off down some worrisome path.  Work let's me pour my thoughts and hopes and dreams and fears and loves and anxieties out onto the table so that I can hammer them and saw them and file them and turn them into something give me a place to put my inner tickings.

Here's a little peek...
So that's what's up with me.  What have you been up to?!?