Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Itty bitty little thang

Look how sweet he is...wait, he's giving me the stink eye for sure!!! Every night our sweet little foster pup goes and curls up in Seven's dog bed and I think he's pretty sure each night that this will be the night that he'll get to stay all night. But then one of us big, bad guys comes along to scoop him up and put him into his crate (with a yummy kong I might add - we aren't all bad!).

Yesterday I took the baby to the vet for a recheck on his mange. Dr. Daigle said, and I quote, "The mites are standing on the mites." So apparently we aren't making much progress in the mange department. bummer. The good news is that he is just as happy as he could possibly be and we are making progress in the house training department. Thank God. Finally.

But seriously, isn't he too stinkin' cute?!?!? Mange shmange! I wanna kiss him all over!