Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Preacher Man update

He's 12. He's slow. He barks a lot. That's my big update! :) No really, I just don't have a lot of new info but I know people want to know how the big guy is doing. He's funny - for 10 years we barely heard a peep out of him and now it's like he has found his voice. I think we have finally figured out that it usually means he wants food. Which is fine by me - my thinking is if he is eating he must feel okay. Right? But it's hilarious because being deaf he kinda has a deaf sounding bark, it's more of a honk than a there I am, sound asleep in bed, 7am, and it sounds like there is a goose in my living room.
Tom took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago for a check up and it was pretty much status quo. He has a very weak back end, sometimes has a hard time getting up and down, so the vet suggested short walks to keep up that muscle memory. So I took him out front with me just to check the mail. I thought, I don't need a leash, what's he gonna do, run off? Well, that little stinker went out the front door like his heels were on fire! And when I got my hands on his collar he steered me off around the corner like we were going for a big ole walk. Well, at midnight and 32 degrees and misting I was not quite prepared.
A few days ago when he was having kind of an off day I decided to google "longest living Great Dane". Turns out it's 16 years. The website said that eight years is average but that once in a blue moon they may live to be 12. You know that I know we are lucky, but that really struck me. 12 years old, nearly 19 months past a cancer diagnosis - it's crazy. so I will thank you all again for all of the good thoughts that you send his way all the time. I know, I really, really know that it helps. He is one lucky, lucky boy.