Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday party for the Big Man

We finally had Preacher's birthday party this past weekend. I was about a month late but I am pretty sure he didn't know. There were about 20 people here and I assumed everyone would go give him a pat on the head while he napped off and on on the couch. But no, he was Mr. social! It was really pretty hilarious. It was like he knew it was his party and he needed to make the rounds. He seemed particularly fond of the kids...possibly because they may not be as protective of their plates as the adults. I don't know. But he was a wonderful host. After everyone left he sacked out and was pretty worthless all day yesterday too. His party pooped him out!

It was pretty awesome. We have had THE most amazing support since Preacher was diagnosed with lymphoma and to have a good number of those supporters at our house this weekend getting to spend some time with him, well, it was the best.