Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a Living

Do you remember that sitcom in the 80's? It's a Living with Jillian Anderson? When I typed my title for this post the theme song for that show went playing through my head. It is scary to think what information I have purged in order to retain a theme song for a show that I am pretty certain most people don't remember. I have a whole brain section dedicated to tv theme songs in fact. I do. Alice - check. Silver Spoons - check. The Love Boat - che, oh, who are you kidding, we all know that one!

Anyway, this has nothing to do with what I wanted to share and am so excited about! So excited and spazzy that I went into a whole diatribe on 80's pop culture. So, here it is: one of my necklaces is in this months issue of Southern Living!!!!! Whoo Hoo!
I love it!, It's one of those "how to get this look" bits. Very cool. And I am featured in an outfit with freakin' J.Crew. I'm big time. Well, I'm not really big time but it feels pretty big time. And the bit from the outfit wearer is pretty sweet...
So, if you wanna "get this look" you can create your very own necklace like this one on my "Build Your Own" page.

I gotta say, it's pretty fun getting exposure like this. I mean, obviously it's good for business, but it's Fun seeing something that you made in print like this. I think I'm on a free press high right now.