Monday, August 30, 2010

August Birthdays

Yes, this month was Preacher's birthday. His 12th birthday. No matter how many times I say it I still pinch myself. You can tell by this photo how thrilled he was to be having a birthday - at this point all he knows is that it involved wearing a paper cone and annoying elastic strap on his head for point one second. The reason this is all he knows is because his horrible-rotten-no-good mom has not arranged his birthday party or made his cake. I know. I suck. After all he has been through you'd think I could get my $&#* together and have a big blow out. But as my dear friend Casey pointed out today "Preacher is VERY smart, but I don't think he knows that it's not August anymore." Perhaps she is right. So, Preacher will be having an early September party I think.
August also happens to be my birthday month. I'm pretty certain that this is still my best birthday photo to date so it's what I am still going with. Not to mention I much prefer the number of candles on this cake to the number of candles I would have on a cake this year. So, happy birthday me and happy birthday Big Man.