Friday, June 11, 2010

Wow. a year can bring so much.

Believe it or not it has been one year since Preacher's diagnosis with lymphoma. A whole year. Words can not describe the scary place we were in a year ago. At that time I never would have believed he could go from so sick, not eating, depressed to happy, playing, and eating like a horse. That desperate day at the oncologists office all I wanted was more time but I didn't dare hope for a year. But here we are and I feel like the luckiest dog mom in the world. As I sit here typing Preacher is across the room curled up on the couch with a full belly of breakfast. If I could make eye contact with him I know he would wag his little nub. And that is joy.

We have no idea what we have left. But what I do know is that I am grateful. I am grateful to Dr. Daigle, Dr. Hintermeister, Georgia's Legacy, Casey, my Uncle Jim, my family and friends, and my partner-in-crime, my wonderful husband. You all made this bearable, gave me hope, and got us to a place where life felt normal again.

And for those of you who read this blog, who post kind, supportive comments - I would give anything if you all could meet this big goofy guy who you've come to know by reading my never ending posts about him. He would happily come right up to you, lean into you, look at you like "what's taking you so long to to pet me? I like it behind the ears.", and in thanks, cover you in white dog hair.